Our Story

We've loved every minute of this unpredictable journey.

Pig Out Food Truck (was not suppose to be a truck)

My husband Dave has been cooking pork as a hobby for well over ten years. When we married in 2012 we started dreaming about making it more than just a past time and cooking more than just pork. I wanted to couple my home style family favorites with his often sought after smoked meat. Finally in 2014 we purchased a used pizza trailer, started procuring equipment, and putting it all on graph paper. We were going to be ready to “hit the road”!—so I thought—

Late one evening, lying in bed, Dave hands me his phone and says, “I think we need to purchase THIS…..” “THIS” being a 35-foot mobile kitchen. Since I am very spatially challenged, “THIS” was not even on my radar.

Our New Home to Open 2018

Finally in December of 2016 we found our new home in Pig Out-Mediapolis. Finally, after nearly a year, we are nearing the end of our renovations. It has taken MUCH, MUCH LONGER than anticipated, but we have a target opening of Februrary 2018! We are still offering catering, but have currently closed our day to day carry-out service and food truck operations. We are very excited about our new location and the opportunities that exist. Stay tuned for your much anticipated opening details!  

Our Carry Out Location

With the interest in our food, catering opportunities, and of course weather limitations, we established Pig Out-Danville! With great support from our friends and the Danville community, Pig-Out Danville opened on December 14, 2015. As soon as we opened our Danville location we began our search for a larger business location that would allow us to 1.) operate more efficiently by providing an indoor home for our food truck to extend our operating season; 2.) provide more space for day to day operations and catering; 3.) provide a dine-in opportunity for our customers.

When we started we were ONLY going to be Pig Out Food Truck……we were very short sighted. We had NO IDEA that we would be traveling the path we are on. As our dreams develop, we will keep you posted! Without your continued support and patronage, none of this would be possible. Thank you for supporting us!

Christa & Dave Beck