Our Food

Our meats come "naked" with a smoked flavor and light seasoning. We offer several flavors of Bar-B-Q sauce to cater to everyone's taste.

Slow Smoked Pulled Pork

Our pulled pork is slow smoked twenty-four hours and served "naked" for you to season or sauce to your taste. Pulled pork is the cornerstone of what we do here at Pig Out.

Aunt Irma's Ham Balls

A long time family favorite of the Beck Family, passed down for generations. It is a combination of pork, ham and beef (all ground) and bound together with graham crackers, eggs and milk. The ham balls are cooked in a tomato, brown sugar, dry mustard sauce and are absolutely delicious!


Our brisket is lightly seasoned and slow smoke for twenty-four hours. This entree' will melt in your mouth leaving you wanting more!